Everything Is Awesome: The Lego Movie end title.

Creative Director: Brian Mah. Production Studio: Alma Mater. Technique: Stop-motion with 60,000 LEGO pieces.

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And they can dial it up to how strong the want it. So they turned it up a little bit and the tree shakes a little bit, they turn it up a lot, and it shakes all the way across. So me and Aidan, we were going, “What are the stunts he’s doing?” We were lie, “We can do that. We can do all the stunts he did.” Trying to prove we can do what the stunties do, which we can’t. So Andy, for the last take, went, “Okay, yeah, knock it up.” And they turned it up really high. I mean, it literally almost threw us out of the tree.

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (30/100)

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still believe in magic?” 

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